Wavelab Pro 10 quit unexpectedly

I get this 99.9% of the time when I finish in Wavelab Pro:

NB, I always close any montages etc, but when I quit the program this message appears and I have no idea why.
Any help appreciated


Probably some plugins that are crashing when they unload themselves. Try without plugins, or with plugins from strong manufacturers.

I get this often too when certain plugins are loaded in a montage and I quit WaveLab, even from what I consider to be good plugin manufactures.

Steinberg really needs to provide better testing tools, and testing outreach to plugin developers so crashes and issues are not so common in WaveLab compared to Cubase and other DAWs, IMO.

Thanks PG and Justin.
I saw this behaviour very often in Soundblade too, and so not overly worried by it - other than it then sometimes loads the last montage I had open as opposed to my default which is start up empty.

PG- I have not many plug ins, and have disabled in the prefs any totally not related to mastering.
All up to date AFAIK and the usual:

DMG Equilibrium/Limitless
Goodhertz dither

Bt the way I should have taken this opportunity as my first post on here to say a couple of thank yous:

To Justin, for you generosity in sharing your workflow and more importantly lots of presets for CD prep and rendering - very helpful
Moving from Soundblade to WLP isn’t trivial - I had some serious workflows established which I needed to rethink and rework.

And he maybe doesn’t check in here that often, but Stefan Trowbridge from Steinberg got me extended demo’s not once but TWICE to see if I could make the switch to Wavelab Pro.

I have switched, and glad I did. I’m looking forward to figuring out how to replicate my complicated routing in PT Ultimate for analogue pitch and capture onto WLP


My Wavelab Pro 10.0.40 on MacPro to high sierra do the same when i quit the software
i erase all plug ins and close all files open in

… but “Quit Inexpectedly”


I think you should try with Mojave 10.14.6
I have fewer problem with this version of OSX and WaveLab 10…
now on WL 10.0.40

regards S-EH

Hello my name is Jon Neufeld i also have switched from Soundblade to wavelab after years of head scratching with Soundblade and random crashes. i loved the workflow with Soundblade when it worked right, but had to switch this last year. I fully agree that Justin’s wavelab tutorials are just such a amazing help!

I experience this same issue as well. It just started happening somewhat recently. No matter how I quit Wavelab 10.0.5, it always says it was unexpected…when it was very much expected haha. Any insight on this would be really helpful

I believe that currently any plugin that uses JUCE may exhibit this crash behavior in Wavelab. Can a Wavelab dev look at this thread on the JUCE forum? Wavelab 10 crash on quit inside VST3 wrapper - Audio Plugins - JUCE