Wavelab Pro 11.0.20 - Crashing and No Error Logs Generated

Since updating to WL 11.0.20, I’ve been getting a lot of frequent crashes (simply after pressing “play” in a session). In addition, for some reason WL (or MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave) is not generating any error reports, which makes trouble shooting even more problematic. I already check the folder where the WL error logs are supposed to go and there is nothing there, and MacOS doesn’t generate any message after WL crashes. The only clue I have thus far is from the Console, which confirms that problem (see screenshot). I’m considering going back to WL 11.0 if I can’t get this sorted out (but not sure where the installers for this are located). Any guidance would be appreciated.

You can get 11.0.10 there. But if there is no difference, this is likely a problem on your system.


Thanks much. I will give this a try. If the issue persists, I believe I might have to update my Mac OS to Catalina (10.15) since I’m currently on Mojave (and I recall reading that WL Pro 11 required Catalina at a minimum). This could be the underlying issue.