Wavelab pro 11.1 activation manager (AM) hangs - macos BIG Sur latest, intel mac pro

I’m pretty savvy with computers, so here’s the solution I had to implement to get Wavelab Pro back up and runing after switching to Steinberg Licensing. We’re a commercial studio so I really, realy don’t appreciate major teething problems like this.
AM would not run, it hung on ’ loading, please wait’ despite trashing the licensing .app below and numerous restarts etc. AM had installed the Steinberg Licensing Engine.app and the helper and the .bundle in a diiferent location to all the other Library/Application support/Steinberg stuff, I copied them right to left in the screenshot. It then worked fine. We have to use symbolic links to all the big data stuff on external drives as we’ve more than 2TB, but no idea why it’s put it in this place- or why it doesn’t work from there, but it does from the other location - both are on the same external drive. maybe someone at Steinberg will kindly offer up some rationale? Solution just offered as-is… in case you get this problem


According to your screenshot, the License Application Manager engine files on the left are placed correctly, but on an external partition (for whatever reason). Under normal circumstances, these files must be located under the Root Library → Application Support → Steinberg (in the System partition). External paths might work, but we are not part of the official testing and therefore, not entirely supported.

Hi Felipe

Hi Felipe. Yes, you’re right. I had to copy them there.

The installer put them in the folder on the right. And i was locked out of Wavelab for 2 hours in the middle of a commercial day while I figured it out.

I will not be updating Steinberg products with serious post installation problem solving time for a long while. I can’t have clients waiting for their files while I’m inadvertently beta testing a full licensing system release.

Not aware of any install issues with our symbolic links previously from any other manufacturer. Saw someone indicating something potentially similar on PC on a thread, which got me looking in the right direction thankfully. The previous licensing system was really temperamental too on updates. So frankly I should have known better.

We can’t be the only studios who link their massive libraries onto external drives, and Steinberg seems to want all its programme eggs in one application support library basket?

Or am I missing an install option to get all the major data files off the system drive individually for Wavelab, Cubase, Steinberg audio & sampler libraries etc etc?

btw even without the 2-3TB size of the accumulated data for Tools, Logic, Wavelab, Abelton, NI, Izotope, arturia etc etc, I would never want audio and samples on our system drive, for a host of reasons.

very best wishes