WaveLab Pro 11/12

I would love a function in WaveLab, where it reports ‘tempo’ to plugins which utilize tempo-based parameters.

In WaveLab 11.0.20, VST-3 plugins get the tempo information.

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PG1, how do I set the tempo?

I could not find the topic in the manual.

  1. Right Click On The Timeline And Choose “Time Format”

  2. Click the “Bars and Beats” tab to set the Time Sig/Tempo etc.

Some images are attached for guidance.


Thank you, Justin!!!
Exactly what I was hoping for. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Hmmm… I tried altering the tempo there… but it doesn’t do that I’d hoped. For example, Waves H-Delay can detect a tempo set in Cubase… but not in WaveLab.

Oh well, I suppose I just need to set delays, and other tempo related VST’s manually, as required. :slight_smile:

Maybe there is another way that I’m unaware of, or maybe it’s a bug or oversight. Using delays/reverbs and time-based plugins is just not something I ever need to do in WaveLab so I have no real world experience in this area.

Hopefully a solution can be found!

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Can you try it with another delay plugin? If it’s working then, that could be a hint to identify the origin of the problem…
Maybe H-Delay doesn’t use the tempo information from Wavelab?

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Thanks for that suggestion. Ultimately, I can determine the tempo, then set the delay time or other parameter accordingly.

Still, I’d really love setting that tempo in WaveLab… and have that automatically report to each/every plugin that can utilize such data (as in Cubase).

“DELAY TIME CALCULATOR (DTC)” is a nice tool that is very helpful, when figuring things out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Delay Time Calculator (DTC) by Liqube Audio - Production Tool Application (kvraudio.com)

When I import files from Logic into Wavelab, the files have the tempo information already available.


I just want to WaveLab to tell the plugins the tempo I ‘select’.

Sounds simple… but maybe it’s a lot more recoding of WaveLab than I imagine (requires a ‘clock’ signal to be generated, I think).

I suppose I’m stuck using Cubase, to make the most of tempo-based plugin parameters. I’ll adjust my workflow accordingly.

Are you using VST-3 plugins? (not VST-2)
WaveLab 11.0.20 was tested today with a VST-3 plugin that reads tempo, and it was successful.
Note: WaveLab does not handle tempo changes. You see the tempo, as on Justin’s screenshot, and that’s it.

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I did a check with the H-Delay(Waves V13, VST3)… it reads the tempo

Thanks, PG!!
I have 11.0.20… but I’m not certain I was attempting this with a VST-3 plugin.
I will definitely try that!!

I like many of their programs… but you’ve just let me know, that I’ll have to “WUP” again.

Not ready for that. LOL!! :slight_smile:

I have some other VST-3 delays to try out. :slight_smile: