Wavelab pro 11.2 issues


  1. When resizing audio clips in a montage, their length in the audio range indicator is not updated. De-selecting and selecting the same clip again does not work either. You must choose another clap and return to the one resized for the length (duration) to be updated in the display.

2. When rendering out from a montage, if “All Selected Clips” is selected as the source, we still use one core to render out everything, one by one. Since there are no tails, no overlaps, or mixing involved in that sort of export, why not make it a multi-core export?

  1. Please make “Active” an action that can be performed with a CTRL+ click in the inspector plugins sections, like in the master section, where a CTRL+click will activate/deactivate a plugin.

Just a suggestion

Where? The clip entry list is updated when releasing the mouse.

Here is a short video that shows what I mean.

I hope I am not wasting your time and that this is expected behavior.

thank you for your attention.

You are right, this is a (small) bug.
I recommend that you activate the Clip tool window, to have the clip size visible anytime.