Wavelab Pro 11 Crash on Exit

I installed the new WaveLab Pro 11 and every time I quit it crashes. Don’t know why. Now sure what is going on. WaveLab 10 works fine. Same system. Running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on Macbook Pro i9.

Do you leave any plugins in the global master section when quitting?

The image you posted doesn’t really help, but if you zip and post the actual crash report here, PG can probably analyze it.

You can find the crash report here usually:


You should see something there with WaveLab in the name.

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Hi Justin, Attached is the crash report. I have 10.0.70 installed and it works fine with the same plugins. Hope this helps. I didn’t have any plugins in the master section. I really have not done anything with WL11, just listened to a couple of files but every time I get this message on exit.

WaveLab Pro 11_2021-10-02-220807_Garys-MacBook-Pro.crash.zip (28.2 KB)

Interesting. Well, there should now be enough info here for PG to look into it and say what is causing it. Hopefully he will post the cause here soon.

Sometimes I can spot plugin names in crash reports but this one is over my head.

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Thanks for taking a look. WL seems to work just fine, it is when you quit the program then comes up with the error. It doesn’t happen with WaveLab 10 or Cubase. I’m just using WL10 which works perfect.

No idea. but try closing WaveLab by closing the main window, and not with the Exit command, to see if that makes a difference.

Also, did you tell WaveLab 11 to import your WaveLab 10 preferences? Or did you start clean?

Either way, you could try deleting the entire Preferences folder and starting fresh again. You can find it here:

/Users/username/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 11/

I also made a video about this using WaveLab 10, but the same concept applies for WaveLab 11:

@PG1 Hi, thanks that didn’t work but @Justin_P had it right. I deleted the preferences and this time I told it do not copy over WaveLab 10 prefs and did it fresh and that worked. Thanks so much. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. That is like my first line of defense with Cubase.


Interesting. It’s hard to say what caused that. However, if you had some certain presets that you’d like to preserve, you can try manually transferring any from the WaveLab 10 Preferences folder to the same exact place in the WaveLab 11 Preferences folder.

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