WaveLab Pro 11 - Inspector/Clip - Normalized volume will not toggle pre/post fx

WaveLab Pro 11 v11.0.10 (build 51) on Mac.
Just tried Meta Normalizer for the first time only to discover the toggle to place the volume/fade envelopes pre or post clip fx does not work for this function. The normalizer does not adjust the volume envelope of each clip as I expected, but instead adjusts the clip master gain, which cannot be toggled pre fx. This makes no sense to me. Working on a project with very low mix levels so my intention was to normalize peaks to -4dBTP so I had a consistent amount of headroom and basic level as I added fx to each clip, but again the clip master gain is post fx only. So now I’m having to refer to the normalizer report and go clip by clip adjusting the gain envelope and zeroing the master gain. which is a pain in the arse. Am I missing something?

Can you post a screen shot of your Meta Normalizer settings?

I use it for every “in the box” master and it always adjusts the gain “pre-clip FX”.

My studio is powered down for the night due to storms but I can post a screen shot tomorrow. I’ve had to help a few people with this issue over the last couple years and it usually comes down to a really specific unsuspecting setting that I’m not sure is a bug or quirk, but adjusting the gain Pre-FX is definitely possible and also my preferred place to do it 100% of the time.

Also, WaveLab 11.0.20 is now available.

Hello Justin,
Thanks so much but I figured it out. If you check the “exclude audio montage effects” box in the meta normalizer it then adjusts the gain of the clip itself - not the volume envelope or the master gain - and all is good from there. I hadn’t added any fx when I first normalized so didn’t see the need of checking the box.
Thanks again,

Yep, that is it. Maybe this is a bug. I also normally don’t have any Effects yet but I made that box checked as part of my preset just in case I ever do.

Glad you got it sorted but for anybody else that might read this…here are the settings that work for me.

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