Wavelab Pro 11 - Metadata not passed through to converted files

I’m tyring to batch convert AIFF files to FLAC using WL Pro 11 and the metadata is not being passed through. I have ticked the correct option to inherit metatda from the source file, but it’s simply not working. Any ideas what might be up with it?

I would start by trying this method converting to mp3 or AAC files to see if you’ve got the workflow dialed in and the metadata appears there.

Last I checked, WaveLab doesn’t offer great FLAC metadata support but it’s not a format I work with often so I can’t be 100% certain.


WL don’t support Metadata from AIFF files
WAV files is the way

regards S-EH

Seriously?! Unfortunately turning several thousand AIFF into WAV and redoing all the metadata is not an option.

I have to say I am amazed that a flagship audio editing and mastering product doesn’t support metadata in one of the most popular file formats, especially one that is considered better for metadata. That really is quite atrocious.

regards S-EH

This is a very old post (2014).
Not many, really, use AIFF today. WAV has become the industry standard.
And I quote Apple themselves:

Beginning in OS X v10.8, AIFF.h will no longer be updated or maintained.

Yes right :wink:

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Well, I may not be in the mastering and post-production market that others are, but I know lots of people who use AIFF. Ah well.

XLD I think still could still do it (X Lossless Decoder), haven’t used it for quite a while, but it used to be my goto tool to get metadata out of aiff

Yes that’s a nice app with many more options


regards S-EH

I’m on windows so XLD not an option as far as I’m aware, but DBPowerAmp batch converter did the job for me in the end. Money that has to be spent to cover something Wavelab Pro really should do though.