Wavelab Pro 11 - Trial Version Issue

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue with the trial version of Wavelab Pro 11.2.

I requested the authorization and activated it on my computer, then downloaded and installed it. Everything seemed to be fine. I launched it, it scanned all my plugins, ok. Then I try to create a project and it just shows that :

I can’t do anything, neither access to the settings nor import anything.

I worked with Wavelab Pro 10 in the past and never had that.

I need to test the Pro 11 version before buying it, as I need a stable tool to create a lot of DDP files for my clients.

Have you guys got an idea about how I can make it work ? I already try to uninstall it. Nuendo 12 works fine on my computer.

Thanks in advance,


Menu Workspace > Layout > Default

Ok, that was completely stupid ahah. Thanks a lot.
I tried on my laptop and it shows directly the default workspace, so I thought it was a bug or something like this.