Wavelab Pro 11 Tutorials - where to go?

I’ve been using Cubase Pro for several years now, each version comes with a number of free tutorial videos accessed via the inbuilt Steinberg Hub. I’ve just bought Wavelab Pro 11 and there seems to be no equalivalent set of structured tutorial videos taking you from a beginner’s guide to the interface and other basics right through to more advanced features. There are Wavelab video playlists on YouTube, but they seem to be all over the place, covering different earlier versions of Wavelab, or looking at mastering in general, or selling the product, and in no apparent order. Can anyone recommend a structured set of videos for Wavelab Pro 11, preferably free (but that’s not essential), to get me up and running?

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Have you seen this ?

and think Justin have done WL 11 tips on his site

regards S-EH

I do have a series of videos you can watch here:

I admit that they’re not carefully scripted and edited, but rather a live stream of various workflows but all the info is there.

As of now they are all done with WaveLab 10 (except the What’s New in WaveLab 11 one of course) and I feel that WaveLab 11 is similar enough that all the info basically applies and of course, the monthly livestreams will now be using WaveLab 11.

Thanks you for the replies.

I’ve just been to Justin Perkins’ www.wavelabhelp.com site and watched his “Welcome to Wavelab” and “What’s New In Wavelab 11” videos. They’re a long watch, but Wavelab is a sophisticated product. They are also demoed on a Mac, but as a Windows user I had no trouble in translating them. They zoom in when locations in the interface as being identified. I recommend them to new Wavelab users.

Right. My goal someday is to have shorter and more bite sized videos that are more easily searchable and tightly edited but for now, this is the best I can provide due to my busy mastering workload and lack of video production skills :slight_smile: