Wavelab Pro 12 won't import CD cue files in flac

As the title says really, I save my CDs as cue files with the audio encoded to flac in order to save storage space. If I try to import such a file, I get the message ‘cue sheet error at line 7’. I see by checking the forum, this has happened previously with early releases of Wavelab 11. Any one else having this issue?
Chris Caudy

Importing FLAC files will be fixed in WaveLab 12.0.10.

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i also had this issue.
i already open a ticket, till now no response…


A fix will be available next week.

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My apologies for the delay, many thanks PG

Thank you very much.
I Hope this will work then i can use WE12

regards jörg

For now I just delete any metadata from the flac file, it works for me until the promised fix is released. :wink:


Chris C