Wavelab Pro 9.1 crashing in Windows 10

i have this version installed on Mac and PC and there seems to be no problem on the Mac side. but it seems that randomly i get a message that “wavelab has stopped working”. i know where the crash reports are stored on a mac but is there a similar thing in windows 10? if so where do i find it?

is anyone else having this problem in windows 10? it is sometimes hard to tell but it seems like these crashes are getting more frequent.

you can see my signature to see what hardware i am working with.


Under Windows, you can generate one crash dump from WaveLab if you do so:
While pressing the Alternate key (press first and maintain), select “Gobal preferences” from the WaveLab menu with the mouse.
In that case, there is a new tab called “Diagnostics”. There you can activate several functions.
Activate the option “Enable crash report”. Quit and relaunch WaveLab.
If a crash happens, one crash dump is generated.

thanks PG. i will do this and post the crash next time it happens

Do we post the crash reports here or send to tech support?


you can send me the crash dump.


Hello Kay,
Please can you send me your email address?