Wavelab Pro 9.5.15 still wont install.

Ok so I did purchase the 9.5 update. All my elicense software and product activation is up to date.

When I run the installer it tells me it will not be updated because Wavelab 9.5 is not installed. does this mean I have to install 9.5 before update to 9.5.1? I thought this was not necessary? Anyway I uninstalled Wavelab 9 and it still says the same thing>

What did I miss again?

Windows 7/Pro 64 Bit.

Seems like you need to install the base 9.5 version - it’s something like 550 MB. It is not really an update to 9 but a separate install that also leaves version 9 intact as a separate program.

Log in to MySteinberg and under the ‘Downloads’ tab you’ll find your WL9.5. And then after install update to 9.5.1.