Wavelab Pro 9.5 crashes when importing wavs

Hi there,

Recently started working with Wavelab Pro 9-5. Dragging and dropping wav files (nothing fancy, just stereo wav 24 bit 44.1k) often
causes the program to freeze (when I press play nothing happens, program hangs) or even crashes.
That is of course no good, needless to say, so wondering if anyone else has this problem, what could be causing this.
Using latest version 9.5.20 (build 113) -64 bit

Big thanks in advance,


Never saw that before. Does the problem only happen after Dragging and dropping?


can you describe if the issue occurs more by dragging and dropping wav files into the Audio Editor or Audio Montage ?



Could you check if the program hang would disappear when disabling the option “Release driver” under Preferences -> Audio Connections -> Options

Also … do you have a particular plugins loaded?