WaveLab Pro 9 and hardware inserts


Thanks for all the improvements in version 9!! It looks fantastic and works (up to now) without any crashes. :slight_smile:

But … is there ANY option to have more than just 1 hardware insert???
In my case… I need five (5) external inserts (4 engines on TC 6000 and 1 CraneSong AD/DA for analog rig).

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

I would like to know too.

Stilus, a workaround for 6000, we chain the 4 engine in line.

Yes, I know this is/could be possible, shauli … but usually I never use them “in line”, or just very rarely.

In example… you couldn’t do something like this:
De-esser (TC Engine1)
CraneSong AD/DA (with some analog hardware inserted)
EQ MDW (TC Engine2)
Compressor (VST)
MD4 (TC Engine3)
Limiter (VST)


as i cant figure out a way either

Simply add the same feature of Cubase routing, so i can place my hardware in different order on my chain, and add a name for every one.
This would be great (and usefull).

If it were simple I’m sure we would already have it… But it should be an interesting feature.

Feature Request!! I need to insert my Hardware in different order,

They made possible producing and mastering professional ITB, they create VST technology and VST instruments, I’m sure they can add this feature as well.
Most of pro studio uses patchbay for this task, but everyone know that we are no long in the 90s, and 90% of studios has evolved to hybrid systems, others are home studio, it’s time to change politics.

I cannot believe they still don’t have the same insert functionality Cubase has, where you set up the routing and insert the hardware like every other plugin.