Wavelab Pro 9 and Nuendo ...


I’m a long time Nuendo user …
Will it be possible (in the future) to integrate Wavelab Pro 9 with Nuendo like it is now possible with Cubase ?

Thanks a lot …


It should be even in the very near future. I like that feature a lot and checked it with WL9 Elements. It already works, like shown in the introduction video, with Cubase Pro 8.5.15 but not in Nuendo 7.0.35.

This will happen for sure. But I don’t know the Nuendo Schedule. If that’s important to you, mention this on the Nuendo forum :wink:

I’d be surprised if this was not in the next maintenance release.
I also hope that this is in the next iZotope RX and Celemony Melodyne release.


future versions of Nuendo will definitely support the exchange feature, however, we can’t say yet which version will be the first one to do so. We will announce it in due time.

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Thanks for the replies …

In the meantime, waiting in suspense …

I find it puzzling and disturbing that the Nuendo seems to get less attention than Cubase? I used Cubase for years and made the upgrade to Nuendo last year, and don’t regret it, but sometimes wonder if it was wise in the long run considering that it seems to be always be a few steps behind Cubase. And with the price difference? I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here.