Wavelab Pro 9 Crashing, need to do a complete uninstall

I was using WL9Pro (ver. 9.0.15) to assemble an audio CD using the montage. Everything was fine. I had been using it for about a week, creating different CDs, burning them and everything was working great. Last night I went to open WL and it crashed, repeated attempts had the same result. I re-installed 9.0.15 and that didn’t help. So, I tried WL 8.5 and that worked to get the CD burned. But I want to be able to use 9.
How do I do a complete uninstall in OSX 10.10.5? I can’t seem to find the steps to do that anywhere.
I want to start there, then do a fresh install. All my needed wav and montage files are backed up to a separate hardrive.

Would have been useful to get a crash long. Anyway, there is certainly a stored setting causing trouble at next launch.
Try erasing this:
/Users/[YourName]/Library/Caches/Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 9/Presets/WindowLayout4
Try erasing this:
/Users/[YourName]/Library/Caches/Steinberg/WaveLab Pro 9/Preferences/General.dat

I will 1st try opening it, if it again crashes, I will get a crash log. I can’t remember, is there an option to save a crash log on the crash page? Anyway, if it indeed crashes, I will get a crash log, and then try your fixes.
Thank You

I Have a crash report, can you give me an email to send it to? It won’t attach, and if I paste it, it says the character limit has been exceeded Also, I cannot find either of the files you mentioned in your post. I have also included a screen shot of the folder contents
Thanks for any help!
Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.05.52 PM.png

FYI…you can zip the crash log file and it will attach here to the forum.

Thanks for the info! I have a copy and paste (as an .rtf file) of the crash report that came up as soon as it crashed, and another that I found in the Library folder as a .plist file. Not sure if they are the same, but for as small as they are, it doesn’t hurt to zip them up and sent them.

Thanks again for the heads up!
Wavelab Pro 9 Crash Dump.zip (21 KB)
WaveLab 9_B7B39848-EE3C-55AB-9A3C-0FBF993CD1B7.zip (374 Bytes)

No problem. I don’t it’s the size that is the issue, it’s just that the forum only accepts certain file extensions but a .zip is acceptable.

Thanks, Wavelab Pro 9 Crash Dump.zip was the right file to send.
The suggestion I gave you must be sufficient, to solve the problem.
Anyway, the problem will be solved in 9.0.20

Ok, but why can’t I find the files? If you look at the screen cap, am I looking in the correct folder?


You are looking in Library/Caches/, while you should look in Library/Preferences/

That worked, thanks. I was going by the 1st response in this thread that said Library/caches. Thought something was weird that I wasn’t seeing any of the files. Anyway, great to have WL9P back, thank you!