Wavelab Pro 9 - Noise Reduction ?


Wavelab Pro 9 - Noise Reduction ?

Does wavelab have a decent noise reduction plugin or someting i can use.
I reverted to my 32bit sonnox reduction and works well.
But i really had to dig deep into wavelab, but did not find and noise reductions thing.
Why there is not ? It scares me a bit that Wavelab 9 does not have this…

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WaveLab 9 comes with a Denoiser plugin from Sonnox.

I quess i found that one, but i have also the sonnox plugins (sony) so i thought i was loading that one…
I have found that in Plugins Manager the Jbridge plugins 32bit come upfront. The 64 Bit Plugins where hidden.
So i turned it to see manufacturer and the 64 bit pluguns showed up.
I quess the Sonnox plugin 64 bit is installed by Wavelab Steinberg…

Also this is not really the Noise Reduction how you really want it. I quessed Wavelab 9 should by now have some Noise Reduction plugins by itself or even have a dedicated Noise Reduction section (analyze / reducer etc). But hey that is future…

The best noise reduction app is still, IMHO, RX from Izotope. I use it almost everyday.

Hmm, we just had an update of Wavelab 9.5, the noise reduction looks promising…