Wavelab pro 9 not opening .WAV with iXML chunk


From Cubase 9 I exported an Audio Mixdown .WAV file with checkbox ‘insert iXML chunk’ ticked (file format section),
The WAV file does not open in Wavelab pro 9, but does open in Wavelab 8.5.

When I export without the ‘insert iXML chunk’ checkbox ticked, it does open in Wavelab pro 9.
Does anyone know what to do in Wavelab pro 9 to open a wav file with ‘iXML chunk’?

Many Thanks,

If you have such a file, please send it to me.

I have the same problem, with Wavelab 9.5.25. I made a mix from Cubase 8.5.30 with the iXML chunk on; it would open in Wavelab 8.04, but not in Wavelab 9.5.25. I didn’t try to open it in Wavelab 9 though (which I also have on my system).
I tried various means of opening the wav file; it never did, but there was never a warning, except for a ‘file not found’ message once… I can’t remember exactly what I did to get that message, but generally, using Wavelab 9.5’s File Browser, the file simply doesn’t open - no warning, even though I have ‘Warn me if file has a malformed header’ checked. The File Browser playback won’t play a wav file with an iXML chunk either.
How can I send you a file? P.M.?

Yes, please send a PM.

Same problem here with WL 9.5.35 and Cubase 9.5.30. No opening - no warnings.
PG - do you want the file ?

I thought this problem was fixed. Yes, please send me a file.

How to ? - if I pm you it says “invalid file extension” even though the file is zipped…

I can open the test file you send me, with WaveLab 9.5.35.
Please verify that 9.5.35 is really the version you are using.

I have the same issue here, export from N10 with iXML does not open the file (or import to motage) in WL9.5. all latest versions.