Wavelab Pro - MIDI Controller - Assigning Custom Parameters to Plug-ins?

Has anyone ever successfully mapped a MIDI controller to a plugin parameter?

I followed the steps in the WL 11.1 manual for " Selecting a MIDI Remote Control Device”, then "Assigning a MIDI Controller to a Parameter”.

All of the manual’s instructions listed above “seem” to work OK, but then following the next section in the manual “Assigning Custom Parameters to Plug-ins” doesn’t work.
When I move the knob on the MIDI controller that I want to assign, Wavelab does nothing. No selected parameter from the selected plugin gets mapped. Have tried this with both Steinberg plugins, as well as 3rd party plugins - nothing seems to work.

“Assigning Custom Parameters to Plug-ins” steps are as follows:

  1. From the Master Section or the Effects window, open the plug-in that you want to control with the MIDI remote control device.

  2. Ctrl/Cmd-click the circle icon at the top of the plug-in window to enter the Edit mode.

  3. Click OK.
    The icon indicates that you are in MIDI learn mode.

  4. Move the mouse over a plug-in parameter, and move the MIDI control that you want to assign. (This is the step that seems to do nothing - when I move the knob of fader on my MIDI controller, nothing moves or gets mapped)

Repeat this for all the parameters and controls that you want to assign.

  1. When finished, click the tool icon to exit Edit mode, and click OK.


Has anyone ever gotten this to work? What am I missing from what seems to be a straightforward process?

I’m having the same issue. Tried mapping parameters to various plugins using both a Bitstream3x and a Killamix Mini. Neither work for any plugin I have tried. They do work in the MIDI learn part of the Remote Devices so I know it’s not a MIDI/device issue. And they do work for the Wavelab controls (like Transport commands etc). But the ‘move the mouse over the parameter’ bit is the bit that doesn’t work. Anyone got this to work?

Thanks for also chiming in @Cain77

Hopefully someone from Steinberg will comment/help.

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I’m having the Issue that there is no “Circle Icon” shown in the Plugin Window.
Is there any help here for the Midi Controller Issue?
does Steinberg care at all or is providing any help?