Wavelab Pro vs Elements


I currently have Nuendo 11, and use it for both recording and mixing, and while I am aware that Wavelab is a mastering application, can it also be used for mixing?

If so, can both Pro and Elements be used to mix?

I looked at the feature comparison, and I am aware there is a difference in track count but it’s not clear in regard to supported formats, i.e., wav @ 24 bit, which is a requirement, as my website where I upload is able to consume 24 bit audio and I never use MP3 or other lossy formats.



Technically, the answer is ‘yes’. But in my humble view there are better applications (including Nuendo) than WL for true mixing. Personally, I would not like to mix 128 tracks with limitations on sends, returns, no VCAs, no full automation, etc. in WL. The non inclusion of Nuendo/ProTools Ultimate mix features is not an oversight … WL is built to do what it does for a specific user base.

Others may have a different view, but you don’t typically see WL as a primary mix DAW in mix studios and there’s probably a good reason for that.

Thank you for the reply.

I like Nuendo because I can export a .xml archive and import it to specified tracks, which is a major time saver so if that wasn’t available in WaveLab, I would be rather less interested.

Saying that, what is the situation with sends, are you able to set up routing in a similar way to Nuendo/Cubase, in that there are FX/Group tracks or similar?

As for automation, does it at least do basic volume automation, in a similar way to Steinberg DAW software?

Also, I don’t suppose there is any kind of Video support as well.

I will probably continue to use Nuendo 12 for mixing, now that the licensing is sorted and I don’t need to carry a dongle around in my pocket, only to be broken when I take a seat!

I am a bit reluctant to say whether it could work for you or not (although my feeling is ‘not’ since you are describing a real mix/post scenario). Maybe get the WL demo and check it out.

The short answer to your other questions is probably ‘no’ … at least not in the sense of your Nuendo experience and the flexibility that this brings.

WL does handle video but not in the way that Nuendo … which is at it’s core an audio post DAW … does. I haven’t tried, but I doubt there is a way to conform or import an EDL.

I make the comment that I did try and do a basic mix for video for a friend (I only do mastering these days) in WL 10 and gave up pretty quickly.

‘Horses for Courses’ as the English say.

Seems ill-equipped for the task, unfortunately.

At least, with dongleless operation now possible, I can use alternative machines more easily than in the past.

Thank you for the information!