WaveLab Pro Workflows with Justin Perkins #1 | Audio Editor vs. Audio Montage

On Monday November 30th I’ll be doing the first of a monthly series live on YouTube to help with WaveLab workflow ideas and info. Each one will be roughly 1 hour, and have a Q & A at the end as well.

Every few months there will be an interview edition sprinkled in with notable WaveLab users, and I have a great guest lined up for the first one Dec 17th.

Here is the link for the first one Monday November 30th at 11am US Eastern Time:

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Thanks a lot for your work, great :slight_smile:

regards S-EH

So… at the risk of sounding Boomer -and- ADHD…

At 3 hrs, 23 minutes, any chance for a few (or perhaps a whole bunch) of bookmarks. If not cut up into small bites by general topic.

I understand it’s a labour of love and yer not a paid lecturer, but still…

Anyhoo… thanks.

Hi Justin, very interesting videos, please keep making them! If I may, I would like to suggest a topic or even interview series for Wavelab: “Mastering in the Box with WaveLab”. You could also invite different mastering engineers who use Wavelab for Mastering and have them speak about how they approach it. Or maybe we could just watch how they master a song and just follow their workflow. Would be great to get insights of other Wavelab Pro users. Cheers (and thanks for sharing your valuable insights with the rest of us - greatly appreciated).

@Harold_LaRue made a more detailed list of bookmarks that he might be willing to share. The plan is to now do shorter and more detailed videos once a month that breaks it down into smaller elements.

Hi, for now I prefer to keep it to more subjective things such has how to use WaveLab. There are already too many general mastering tutorials out there and it’s not an area I’m particularly interested in teaching. I think it’s best to learn that as you develop your ears and monitoring environment. That’s how I did it :slight_smile:

It’s hard to teach art since there are no rules, and many ways to do things.

That being said, Ian Shepherd has been doing a series about mastering and he uses WaveLab in the videos. Here is the first one:

I believe there are 6 total now.


FWIW, I found these very useful… like going to church. I think many will already know the messages, but the presentation is inspirational and well-organised. :smiley:

Thanks, I hope he will. :slight_smile:

Hi Justin,
I’ve been using wavelab since 4 and never thought to reach out until now and ask.I now have wavelab 10(love it) and would like to know if it’s not to off topic Do you adjust the resolution and threshold in the global analysis to match the track?I guess what I’m trying to say is for I always have used just the default settings and never really paid any attention to it until now where I get -4dB added to the average say I start with a -20 and when I analize the track I get a -24 however if I adjust the resolution and threshold I can match the average exactly Should I concern myself with this?or just analize at the default and go from there any info would help thank you in advance

Hi Justin, thanks for sharing all of your expertise! I’m new to WL, been using PT and Soundblade for mastering for a long time. Just bought WL 10 for DDP assembly and final creation of WAVE and mp3 assets. I am going to continue to use PT for all the creative tasks (processing with analog chain and plug-ins, edits/ fades) and in the end I’ll bounce out an image file at the sample rate/resolution of the session. I have been able to create a WL montage with the image file and insert splice markers to set up the individual tracks and add metadata. I am able to export a DDP without a problem but I have not found a way to render individual WAVEs/mp3s from this image file montage. I have been able to render WAVEs/mp3s from a montage with individual files for tracks but not an image file. Do you know if what I am trying to do is possible?

Also, I have iZotope RX8 Standard and I can use all RX features in PT, but in WaveLab 10 RX8’s utility features (dither, resample) don’t show up (though spectral denoise, de-hum, etc. are available).

And finally a question re. the metadata display. I have only found two ways to display and edit metadata: The tabbed CD-TEXT Editor shows metadata on a per track basis and the CD-Metadata Editor. Is there a way to display CD-TEXT in one window, like in Soundblade and HOFA’s CD-Burn.DDP.Master?

Thanks for your help!
Rainer Gembalczyk, Sienna Digital

  1. I’m not sure what you mean by image file, or what the purpose of it is. In WaveLab, I render a DDP for CD production, and WAV files of each track/song for digital distribution, as well as reference mp3 for various uses. Can you explain more about the image file you are speaking of? I’m not sure what it is or what it would be for, but knowing that may help.

  2. Last I checked, RX Dither and Resample were not available as plugins in Pro Tools (AudioSuite or AAX) but maybe they’ve changed something? Last I checked it was just the ones you mentioned…de-noise, etc. In addition, RX8 can be set as an external editor of WaveLab to help pass audio back and forth but you can’t use the RX Resampler directly in WaveLab. However, I use RX for resampling and use the Custom Montage Duplicate feature to recreate high sample rate montages as 44.1k for DDP and rendering 2444 or 1666 WAVs of each track, and mp3 files from the WaveLab montage.

  3. Metadata in WaveLab could be simplified but the way I do it is this:

I enter in the info as CD-Text, and I have a metadata preset that pushes all the CD-Text and some other montage info (track number/track total) to metadata. In reality, I never have to think about metadata as it’s all pretty automatic once you set it up right and for me it is handled in one window.

Sorry I couldn’t be of help but for #1 I don’t really understand the question, #2 I would be surprised if Dither and Resample are available as plugins in Pro Tools now, and for #3, I have this all handled with easy CD-Text entry and a metadata preset that is part of my new montage template so it’s basically automatically handled.

Thanks Justin, with image file I am referring to a complete audio bounce in Pro Tools. I do all the processing in PT (like you do in Reaper) and also fades and final spacing. Then I hit Bounce to Disc for the entire program and open it up in a Wavelab montage to set track IDs. I can output a DDP from there without a hitch, I just haven’t been able to render individual files, from that same montage, which would be convenient.

I may have to switch my workflow so that I only do the creative processing (EQ/Comp/Limit, etc.) in PT and then import those individual files into WL for final assembly and DDP/WAVE/MP3 output. I have done this and it works great, I was just wondering if the other way was possible too.

Thanks for your help!

If you’re already defining the track markers/ID etc, then you can simply render a WAV of each CD track as well from the same montage. It would be silly if that wasn’t possible.

You have to set the render source as “All Regions” and “CD Tracks”, and you also have to specify the audio file format and some other things. Render Presets are your friend here.

I understand doing most of the audio processing in another DAW, I used to do that in Pro Tools too but I do think there is a benefit to saving the final limiting and any small EQ touches after the analog capture (if needed) for in the WaveLab Audio Montage, as it keeps things flexible.

Assemble once, render everything from hi-res WAV, DDP, vinyl pre-master, 2444 WAV, 1644 WAV etc…

Anyway, I talk more about rendering in this video:

Got it, it’s working for me now.

Thanks for your help!

WL version 10.0.20 is the final version for High Sierra, correct (anything newer requiring Mojave).