Wavelab Query - Batch Norms, Batch Procs and Naming

I need help with Wavelab pre-sales query. (maybe cubase too?)

  1. In Wavelab - Can you easily batchprocess with vst effect? or otherwise apply in one swoop (eg via inserting VST on masterbus) and export all stems (regions) as their respective individual stems with this masterbus effect applied?

  2. Can I batch normalise all stems to a db level of my requirement (eg -0.5db)

  3. What naming conventions does Wavelab support for export of multiple stems? Eg logic has quite the array of naming schemes/increments which is quite useful.

At the moment I’m using combination of 3 applications to achieve the above, and as you can imagine, my workflow is clunky and inefficient to say the least.

Could anyone also advise if Cubase has this functionality ?

Yes to all your points

Hi Philippe,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I wanted to be sure before I ordered a elicsner Dongle to give the trials a whirl so your response definitely helps.

Just one last point - Does that go for Cubase too?

I am a commercial patch designer and moving into the sample cd market so am looking for a software that can encompass the above my workflow and trim down on the amount I have to bounce out and into different applications, naturally.

I can definitely have bouncing out of logic/ableton into WaveLab for final processing as part of my flow as it’s 10x easier than what I do right now but perhaps in Cubase I can do it all in one software (record/compose, edit and final process)?

Thanks again.

I don’t know Cubase enough. But from what you describe, WaveLab is what you need… batch processing, level and loudness normalizing, naming schemes… and actually much more.

Thank you.

Dongle ordered and I’ll hit the trial versions up when it arrives.

Have a good week.

Ian Stewart just made a video on some Batch Processor workflows:



\Yep watched this earlier incidentally, it was an excellent insight and just tickled my workflow requirements enough but without answering all my points so I just had to get a more definitive answer here before jumping on the dongle purchase. :smiley:

@Relavent: As a user of both Cubase Pro and WL Pro, I can tell you Wavelab is much better equipped to your requirements. Cubase is great too, but in a different field. Actually, I think nothing beats WL in the batch processing for audio field.