Wavelab Question (only reg'd in Cubase)

I can’t post to the WL forum because I’m only registered in Cubase 7. I have a 25 min composition that I exported to a WAV and burned to a CD. It sounds rather anemic and soft. I was wondering if I could “master” this in WL Elements. I’ve been reading the WL manual but it’s pretty deep and I need to get this product out soon.

My needs are simple. I only create single file compositions that are played in a vast variety of venues and my sampling needs are essentially, slicing and chopping dead space. The difference between WL and Elements, for me, is $400 which is very substantial. Can Elements serve my purposes?

That depends. What do you want to know? Alot of the mastering processes that you can do in WL are possible in Cubase, just more difficult to visualize and harder to carry out as the WL user interface is dedicated to audio editing. If you have any questions concerning the capabilities of Elements, I’d be happy to help.

Bane has used WLE7 longer than I, but I would quickly say that your product will be improved using it. As good as Cubase is, there are features and functions in WL that are not in Cubase. Wave editing it deeper for one, and the supplied plugins are more ‘finished product’ oriented.

Now you could spend $400 for an iZotope mastering plugin, connect this on your master buss and maybe get your gain issues sorted out, but you would still not have the editing options in WL. ?? I will add that, much like you, I debated getting WLE7 for quite awhile. Once I understood what WLE7 was capable of - after purchasing it - I had a laugh at myself for hesitating. I think that everyone who is making music on Cubase that they intend or want to share with others, needs WL or something like it. WLE7 was certainly some of the best $$ I ever spent on music gear. :smiley:

Yes, exactly and here’s whats cool. I will normally export my Cubase project as a WAV file, and then check the box in the export dialogue to open my file in Wavelab automatically. Now I have it set up where there’s a certain default master section (WL’s Master channel in the Mixer) preset with my mastering and loudness preferences, and also a default render preset with all my meta-data, resolution info, and so on. So once it’s opened in WL automatically I just hit “A” which is the default render KC and there you can have a mastered, compressed file with correct meta-data in just two clicks. Trust me, you’ll love it.

I just noticed that even though I have Wavelab 7, I have lost that option in the export box. Only choices are none or upload to soundcloud.

This might have happened when I purchased the Cubase 7 upgrade.

Any ideas on how to get that option back?

I guess for some reason Cubase isn’t scanning that Wavelab is installed on your computer. I might would start a new topic. :wink:

Check the paths mentioned here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24281#p156629


Goodness! Is your music so formulaic that “mastering” can be a standard preset?

Ha! No, when I do a quick export for my iPod every day after working on a song, this is the procedure I go through. Every day I’ll just render it with this preset, which is just a maximizer to get it loud and a dithering plug-in to avoid truncation. I don’t master anything myself, I just use WL for quick audio handling.

Since I’ve never “mastered” anything in the past, this concept is still new to me. I’m trying to get through the manual but it seems a lot of it is directed towards loudness. Many of the YouTube vids on mastering deal with the loudness issue. On top of that many seem to favor 3rd party plug-ins, most of which cost more then either WL or WLE.

My editing needs are minimal and currently satisfied by Audacity. However, it’s the mastering I’m concerned about and the abilities of Elements to satisfy my needs. Seems like most here think the affirmative, and it’s nice to get a consensus.

I’m new to C7 and probably downloaded too many trials: Halion 4, Sonic, and now WL.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I found the file “OpenInWavelab7x64.aepp” at the location you said.

I’m not sure what is going on unless the file became corrupted.

I should probably start a separate thread, but need to verify that Cubase 7 users have “open in Wavelab” option?

Yes we do.

Yes, like the others said, WLE should satisfy your needs. Another important feature of WL is the metering. Though improved in C7, metering in WL is still much superior - although limited in the Elements version.