Wavelab quits suddenly all the time

I just bought the subscriptions for McDSP and Slate effects.
After this, wavelab is unstable and crashes, suddenly quits.
Is there a way to view a crash log and get some suggestions/help about this ?

Thanks a lot,


Hi …

Are you on OSX or Windows 10?

What WaveLab version exactly?

Hi, sorry for the rather unspecific question…
I’m on wavelab pro 9.5, latest update, on windows 10 home edition.


What 9.5 version exactly?

Hi again,

It’s 9.5.35

Ah, the specifics is 9.5.35 (buikd 152) -64 bit
Session optimized for CPU :e9

Avast antivirus did this to me in Windows 7. Took me weeks of troubleshooting to narrow it down to that. Maybe try turning off any antivirus as a starting point and see what happens?