Wavelab remote control from another app


I’ve tried to find answer around the forum but I couldn’t. I would like to control Wavelab (any version) from another application. Is it possible?

I would like to send a WAV file to Wavelab, open it in Wavelab, apply Q10 Stereo filter with a preset from a file and export it to a different file (WAV, FLAC or AIFF). I would like to use Wavelab in a “watch folder” mode and use it as an automated conversion tool. There are 100-500 files per month and this type of operation could save me a lot of time.

Is this possible? How can I achieve this?

If it is not possible, can you recommend me something? Different tool or application?


Does the main app you’re using have selection for external editor? If so have you tried that?

Or maybe you don’t really need remote control? It sounds like you could do what you want simply by making a batch in Wavelab that uses the Q10 plugin and a Watch Folder. Then you could just send files from the other program to the Watch Folder. The Watch folder was introduced in Wavelab 8.5 I think. (Watch folder in Pro only I think, not Elements).

Thanks for info bob99! I wasn’t aware of the watch folder feature but I am afraid this could only partially solve my needs. The conversion settings can be always the same (from WAV to WAV and FLAC) and for this the watch folder is OK. But I need to change the Q10 settings for every file and I am afraid this can’t be done with watch folder. Unless I could send a text/xml file along with the audio file and Q10 could read out the settings. Do you think this can be done somehow?

On Windows, there is an additional scripting interface to control WaveLab Pro from external applications using VBScript or JScript. The documentation of this interface can be found in the following folder:

WaveLab 9\Tools\Windows Scripting\

The document “WaveLab Windows Scripting.pdf” will get you started. It should be possible to do what you want if (a) the calling application can run the script to call WaveLab and (b) you have a defined set of Q10 presets you can pass as parameters. If you need to have Q10 dynamically configured I’m afraid this will not work as the API does not accomodate this.

Thanks MrSoundman! I will try to take a look at the PDF and will see.