Wavelab Render Preset is damaged

Hi there,
I haven’t used wavelab in a little while and today, when trying to convert a wave file to mp3 using a preset I made in the Render tab, I get the following error: The following preset could not be found or is damaged.
I get that message for all of my presets.

If I click on organize presets in the presets menu under the render tab, a windows explorer window opens and I see that all my presets are there.
I believe I have changed my C drive since the last time I used wavelab but could it really have damaged all of my presets?
What are my options to fix this?

I’m on Windows 11 and Wavelab 11.2
Thanks in advance!

This message is normally followed by the preset file that is not found. What do you read?

It says: ‘C:\Users\mathi\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 11\Presets\RenderingWave\Mp3.dat’
And when I copy paste that link into file explorer I can see that all my presets are in that RenderingWave folder.

After which exact mouse action, this error message happens?

I get the error message after I click on one of my presets (none of them work anymore) in the preset dropdown menu under the render tab.

The preset might store a path to another preset, and since you say you have changed your C drive since the last time, that must be the cause (though I am a bit surprised).
Try to load a file format preset from the dedicated file format dialog box, adjust your render settings, and overwrite your Mp3.dat

That’s the only idea I have.

Alright, luckily none of my presets where too complicated to replicate except for one which I’m not sure how I set originally but it’s ok.
While I’m at it, when preparing a render (to be saved as a preset), is there a way to tell wavelab to save the file to a new subfolder named “example” in the current source folder?
For example, I have an audio file in F:/music, I would choose my preset, hit render and the result would be saved in F:/music/example

You can use the Naming scheme for this.
Or more simply, if you type-in a path that does not exist, WaveLab will create it automatically for you when rendering.

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I’ve always knows about naming schemes but never got to use it, how exactly can I set this up so that the source folder is selected automatically?
EDIT: I found my answer under auto-variables :wink:

I spoke too soon, what I’ve tried doesn’t work, some guidance would be appreciated.

Ok so that takes care of creating a subfolder but now how how do I make a render preset that automatically selects the Source Folder for the Location?
That’s the part I can’t seem to figure out…

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Thanks I did try that and it works for the filename and it effectively creates a subfolder but I still have to manually select the Location. Maybe I’m not being clear…

I’ve tried a few different Variables in the Location menu but I get an error every time. (The output folder is not valid)
Is there no way to have the Location be the current source folder automatically so that when I recall a Render preset I do not have to select the location every time?

I tried to create a custom variable that I called Current Folder with the Code %Folder% and Value @EnclosingFolder@ but the Value disapears as soon as I quit the Custom Variables window and when I try to put %Folder% under the Location menu it does not work.
I’m new to this, I’m sure I must be missing something…

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The root of the destination is not saved with the preset, by design.

With all the variables system in place, I think it would be a nice option in the future to be able to put @currentlocation@ or something like that, in the Location field and have that saved with the preset.
Thanks for the help.