Wavelab Render Speed

I have a thread in the Wavelab 8 forum:
if anybody here has a further explanation on why I’m getting faster Wavelab render processing speed on a “lesser” Mac than on a “greater” Windows machine. Thanks.

You’re welcome.

Thanks Jarno. I really appreciate it. I’m still a little confused over there though.

Been awhile away from this for awhile after getting the answer from Jarno (thanks Jarno!), but I’m still curious if any audio programs would perform this same render (with identical plugins and settings), gaining a speed increase by actually utilizing the additional cores of a 6-core processor, vs a 2-core processor with the same single-core rating.

i.e. (and sorry if I get any of this wrong by misunderstanding) but are there any audio programs that can render in more than one thread (as Wavelab is one thread), and if so, would the speed of the render be faster on a 6-core processor, or would these programs still be speed-limited by the slowest plugin in the session, and perform the render in the same elapsed time as Wavelab on the 6-core processor? (And in Wavelab, that speed would be the same on the 6-core processor as on a 2-core processor with the same single-core rating.)