Wavelab Retina Display Support soon?

Any word on when we will get Retina Display support?

Thanks PG!

Some development is taking place about this. No date can be advanced.

Thanks PG, hope it’s sooner than later ; )

Me too. I’m still using a non-retina iMac (the last one before going retina) and a 1080p Samsung for my main screen but when I use WaveLab on my retina MBP, some elements of WaveLab look really bad. It would be hard to work that way everyday for me.

Someday soon I’d like to upgrade to a new iMac or Mac Pro with 4k screen.

WaveLab 9 looks so good overall, it’s a shame to see some things look so bad on retina devices.

+1! Bloody waiting for Retina support

+1… this is becoming more important, not just in mac world now.

did 9.5 add this? I am demoing 9.1 and i can’t cope… it is so blurred… it makes wavelab very hard to work with on a retina screen mac.

Adobe audition, sound forge 3, even cheap twisted wave have beautiful retina support… but wavelab is the best mastering editor of all of them combined…

let’s put this in perspective… watching this youtube video

the wavleab within the video is twice as sharp as the one on my own screen LOL… and i am watching the video with the same screen in just 720p mode… that tells you just how bad wavelab looks on retina…

i am really hoping this is fixed so i can finally buy the beast!

Also, on a little side note… for some reason i can’t find undo menu anywhere, showing what last action was?

WaveLab 9.5 has retina display support.
For 5k screens, there is a graphic performance problem with real time meters, but the problem is now solved and a patch 9.5.15 will be available at the end of the month.

It’s true (at least on OS X) that WaveLab doesn’t have a normal “Edit” menu with Undo but the normal shortcuts for undo/redo work and you also have a “History” Tool Window to give you a more detailed view of your actions and undo/redo commands.

sorry for the delay, thanks for this… I will demo 9.5 as i finally have some time, and if the issues are fixed i’ll tie a noose around my neck and buy it. Cheers

I use the trial of WaveLab 9.5.20 on Win10 with a 2560x1440 reolution 27" monitor. I have the scaling set to 125% for better legibility of text. And though most parts of WaveLab’s interface is sharp, some dialogs and graphics look blurred. So I guess HiDPI and scaling support is not yet completely integrated?

HiDPI support is fully done.
But your monitor 2560x1440 is not HDPI.

On another hand, we don’t have special support for custom scaling support. Custom scaling multiplies the combination of size constraints for the UI elements.
Please give anyway a screenshot, so that I see your case.

FYI: I also use a a 2560x1440 screen, but in 30". The best screen I ever had.

:smiley: :laughing:

It seems Windows really does weird things when you have scaling enabled. Text mostly seems razor sharp, but apparently just any UI element is being scaled and zoomed. I made this screenshot above and when I open it, it looks blurred. With my 125% scaling level, I have to zoom out to 80% in the browser so I can see this in a pixel accurate way. Anyway, if you look at this, most text in the tool bar and interface is sharp, but especially in the plugins, for example the RestoreRig, all graphical elements like knobs and their labels, the titles “DE CLICKER” and so on are blurry. But everything that’s text, like the actual value of the knob, is sharp.

Not a biggie, but it’s very unpleasant to look at. I guess it’s just how Windows implemented their crappy scaling that this messes up graphics to look ugly and blurred.

You mean, the plugin is blur, not WaveLab itself. Right?

Looking at the picture, it seems the plugin is blurry except the values (%-values and selection ‘speech’) inside it. WL looks fine.

Yes, the overall main UI of WaveLab looks crisp. As soon as you go into WaveLab plugins or dialog windows that pop up, it gets blurry. I can’t remember on which occasion I’ve seen one, but the text inside the dialog, I mean a normal OK / Cancel dialog window with some message in it.

Anyway, yes, the graphical UI elements in plugins are blurry while dynamic text values that change according to a knob position are crisp.

i own wavelab 8.5 do i really need to buy 9.5 just to get retina and not old VGA looking wavelab where one pixel is in fact 2x2 pixles?

On my Mac non retina display the text in your example looks sharp. I am running, in my office, a Mini Mac with a Samsung 22" Syncmaster EX2220 display. I am running OS 10.10.5 and the Samsung is a 1920 X 1080 monitor. FWIW

i own wavelab 8.5 do i really need to buy 9.5 just to get retina and not old VGA looking wavelab where one pixel is in fact 2x2 pixles?