Wavelab sale - thanks Steinberg!

I’ve been using Wavelab LE and often wished I could raise the cash to go to 11 Pro. Mastering an album myself for the first time and really needed some of the extra slots and features. Looked at the update yesterday and jumped on it for AU$314. $200 discount. Really happy! I love the export from Cubase and all the great metering functions. Thanks!


Same as but been using the Elements for years and decided to take advantage of the sale and upgrade , glad i did , now i have all my monitors working and Sonarworks in the processing section and even better the purchase and install were absolutely perfect .
Love Wavelab , it’s the icing on the cake of my Steinberg DAW :wink:


Same here!
I am building up my Steinberg chain! Really impressed by the quality and reliability of their products so far (haven’t used Wavelab extensively, Of course as a newbie :wink:)!

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