WaveLab Scenes section

Would someone please tell me how to use the Scenes section?
How do I save a Scene?
How do I recall a scene?
I have been all over the manuals, Youtube and Google and have no answers.
I have also experimented with them.
Maybe I just don’t understand their purpose.
Thanks, in advance…

What WaveLab version is this?

regards S-EH

What do you call a “scene”? This is not a word which is used in the manual, AFAIK.

WaveLab 10

‘Scene’ is at the Left side of the MasterRig.

Scenes are auto saved-within a preset. That is, when you select scene #2, scene #1 is preserved.
And the whole thing can be saved/restored there:

Thank you for your reply.
I recall that when I switched from one scene to another, it did NOT save and I lost all the work I had done on that one clip.
I will run tests with that in mind and let you know what I find.

I think you have to save a Preset first and then make new Scenes
inside this Preset.

regards S-EH

Thank you. Your information allowed me to properly analyze this process.
Hear are the results for anyone needing this info:

WARNING !!! this program is UNSTABLE !!!
I just spent at least a half hour mastering a clip in Scene 1.
I hit (Ctrl-S) assuming I had SAVED my work.
I then Selected another Scene and when I returned to Scene 1, all my work was gone !!!

I left WaveLAb hoping that when I returned, it might be there, but it wasn’t.
Even my Saved Default was missing.

At this point, besides being extremely frustrated, I need to try and figure out how to get around this.

I will do more testing and post the results here.

Hey, Cubase !! Version 10.70? Really!? Repairs before new features, always !!! eh?
Also, in MasterRig, when you ‘Save As’, it does not challenge you to overwrite. ( which it always should)

Ignore the following at this time…

The following is about Saving Scenes in the MasterRig Plugin…

How to create a default Scene:

Press a ‘Scene’ button. ( I chose Scene 4, and named it ‘Default’)
Load the modules you would like to have available when working in a Montage.
Place them in the order that’s best for you.
If you have any settings, in a Module, that you would like as a starting point, go ahead and configure them now. ( If not, you can Set & Save them later)

Select the Presets icon, located on the right, just above the Master Meter.

You may want to first ‘Save As’ ‘Default.SAF’

Then, save it again as any name - Default.

That’s the Preset you will load into the next Clip.

If you want to Copy that MasterRig setup to other Clips, here’s a good video on how to do it:


Okay. I have completed my tests ( so far)…
This is in regards to the MasterRig Scenes and ‘Saving’ my work.

I have my ‘Default’ created.
I load it into a Clip.
Everything is fine.
I can move between scenes without losing what I just set.
I can move between clips.
I haven’t lost anything, except that I notice one of my clips that I haven’t mastered has a different ‘Default’ configuration. I load my current Default.
I entered a name in scene 4.
I saved the Montage, closing Wavelab. Reopened Wavelab/ the Montage and at my same clip, I now had the same information in all 4 scenes! I restarted Wavelab several times and kept coming up with different results in the scenes of the clips. Sometimes, information (settings) were there. Sometimes not.
I keep finding so many inconsistencies that I will have to get back to testing it at a later time.
My work around, at this point is ridiculous. ‘Save as’ new generation. come back in and see what’s changed. Hard to tell.
I’ve been having a sense that something was wrong, but I thought it was me doing something wrong.
There is obviously something unstable in the saving/ management of the scenes.
Any help would be appreciated.