Wavelab scripts


Are there any tutorials on how to create scripts, or maybe a few examples of scripts to download?

I’ve read the manual but didn’t find much info on how to put a working script together.

Any info is much appreciated.

I am with you on this,

I have recently upgraded to wave lab pro and I am excited to learn as much as I can about it. Which includes scripting.

I am currently just watching general ECMAscript / Java Script (Apparently they are more or less the same thing, I believe Java script is ECMAscripts with some extra ability’s? ) tutorials on you-tube to grasp the basics, I think once you get the general idea of the language you can put it in to action using the specific functions and code words unique to wave lab.

About to dive in to this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEROU2XtPR8

Perhaps it may help you too.


I presume you mean the PDF located in “C:\Program Files\Steinberg\WaveLab 9\Tools\Windows Scripting” called “WaveLab Windows Scripting”, and the two sample scripts? Yes, they are not tutorials as such, but at least they get updated with each version, so at least this is not a dead feature.

It is certainly a minority that use this. I’ve done some very basic experimenting but it would be nice to see just what is possible. I think key to this (and perhaps a limitation) is that everything depends on having WaveLab set up properly to begin with, i.e. have all the presets and key commands you need already in place, then use scripting to automate it all.

The scripting feature will be enhanced in the future (it is planned to use it as an internal tool to test some of the WaveLab features).

Excellent news! :slight_smile:

May I suggest C# (CScript) and integration to run scripts from a WaveLab menu? (I’m thinking of the way Vegas has integrated scripting … one of the major attractions of that application for many).

I’d always wished for a few more examples on creating scripts. Created a script here some time ago for inserting markers at silent segments longer than a defined length within an audio file, just as an experiment (auto-split can also provide a solution for this).