Wavelab sets monitor controller to '0' on first play

Hi - I use a Metric Halo ULN8 as a monitor controller in my setup - monitor pot is cal’d for ‘0’ = 85dB SPL-C Slow. For mixing this is usually where the monitor control sits, but in a mastering scenario that level needs to be around -12 to -15 for comfortable work.

After opening Wavelab and loading a project, usually (maybe always) the first (and only first) time I hit play, my Metric Halo monitor pot jumps to ‘0’ usually resulting in a deafening blast and utterance of oaths. After I reset monitor pot to normal level it stays there for subsequent work until the next time I boot up Wavelab and load a project.

Any clues about why this might be happening? All remote control stuff in WL’s preferences is turned off so there shouldn’t be any midi/peripheral stuff going on, and this is the only audio app on my system (also using Pro Tools HDX, Cubase, Logic, Sonoris, RX, etc, etc) that does this.

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Does changing this setting help?

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Aha! I bet that’s it - I’ve mucked about in that set of preferences, but I missed that one. I’ll check it out later when I have a moment and report back. Thanks very much!

No problem. Both of my setups have a monitor controller that isn’t directly tied to the AES interface so I always keep WaveLab attenuation set to 0dB, and my little RME and Grace mobile interfaces don’t seem affected by this setting either.

Maybe there is something about how the Metric Halo unit works that causes a little fight with WaveLab.

Yeah, this seems to take care of it - thanks!

I don’t think there’s any ‘fighting’ going on, just a reasonable (though slightly dangerous) feature that creates problems in my workflow (and probably others with a CoreAudio aware monitor controller) - glad I can turn it off!

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