Wavelab stutters badly: RME +files with diff sample/bit rate

Not sure if this has been going of a while or if it just started a few days ago.

When I open files of different sample rates and bit depths when using my RME Multiface II - I have noticed some horrific freezing, stuttering and sometimes a complete stop when trying to play each file.

This morning I had a 16/44 file, a 24/88 file and 24/96 file loaded into my standard Audio file workspace…and when I would try and play the 16/44 - seems like it took my RME about 5 seconds to realize what was happening and finally start to play the file. Then I immediately switched the 24/88 and the same thing occurred. Same with the 24/96.

While I cannot recall having a bunch of files of differing rates/depths in the editor before - when I do the same in Studio One - it plays everything instantly…I can have the cursor moving in one file and click into another and the audio is seamless with no stutters, breaks or freezes.

The only other thing done recently was an update to the RME driver to version 3.42.

Is there something I do not have set right in Wavelab or possibly in the RME driver settings?

Appreciate an update.



You try to toggle the option “Reset driver when changing sample rate”, in the VST Audio Connection dialog.
Else, switching to MME driver might work faster when you need to switch sample rates often.

That was already on but it seems like Wavelab really has a problem with communicating with the driver. It’s taking 3-10 seconds in some cases for it to do a reset. In some of my tests today - the reset never even completes and WL completely freezes (cursor won’t move, locks up Windows etc).

Only a hard kill via Task Manager can get the workstation free up again.

I do not recall this being an issue in the past but I cannot be certain. Using the Windows MME is not an option as that takes my RME right out of the game - which is not desirable at all.


That was already on

But did you try Off?

No. Will do.

EDIT: That was it. Turning it off gives me instant playback on any type of file.



I have been having this problem since I bought 8 (I have 8.5 now). I just unchecked the box and it is working properly now. Thanks