Wavelab terminates when opening multiple heavy-resource montages

I am trying to consolidate final EQs from a couple different sessions. I have to open 3 or 4 album montages each requiring about 12GB of space. I have 128 GB of memory and a fast i7 so having these montages resident in memory should not be a problem.

I’ve noticed that little green leaf icon shows up right before Wavelab 10 quits unexpectedly while opening a second or third large montage-- right about when memory use hits 30GB. There is no error message when Wavelab shuts down, and there is no crash reporting. This suggests that the failure is not happening within Wavelab. My hunch is that Windows is interpreting Wavelab’s memory use as a runaway process and is killing it for “Safety”. The green leaf indicates a suspended process and “econo-mode”. I don’t have any power-saving profiles turned on, so I’m at a loss.

Has anybody run into this?

Is there a way of forcing Windows to continue with the Wavelab process?

Are you using a laptop without power supply (green leaf?)
What is causing so much memory consumption?

I’m using resource hungry plugins. A typical album EDL runs about 12GB of memory. I"m not using a laptop, this is a high performance workstation with the power profile set at “ultimate performance”.

Is there a working limit to Wavelab’s access to RAM?


What resource hungry plugins? Izotope?