Wavelab Trail problems

I have been trying to get Wavelab PRO 9.5 trial for a long time now and every time I request through ‘My Steinberg’ account email I never get the email, I know there are issues with certain email servers but I get every other Steingberg email just fine through this address (yahoo).

Today I made a new Steinberg account with a different email and requested the Wavelab Pro trial, great the email arrived with the dongle code and the link for the download, but still no cigar, the download just reports an error message for both Mac and PC downloads, see below

ERROR: account is deleted or wrong ‘et’-Parameter

What is wrong and why is it so difficult to get a demo/trial of this software. Am I doing something wrong?

Ok I got there eventually by putting the trial code into the dongle and then having to manually find a download for Wavelab program by searching and then downloading the download manager to find the program. Strange how the download link I was sent in the email was useless but all solved now and working.