Wavelab Update - No valid licenses found

I must have missed something. I updated eLicenser Control Center and the Steinberg Activation Manager. I updated Wavelab to 11.1. Now when I start Wavelab I get the message - No valid licenses found. Wavelab Pro will quit now.

I have tried to run Steinberg Activation Manager, but this does nothing. How do I now use Wavelab with the new Licensing?

Do you have your dongle plugged in?

As far as I know, you need to continue to run the dongle until the new download access code is deposited to your MySteinberg account. That will allow you to transition to the new no-dongle license system.

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Hey, thanks for the reply. The dongle is still in. I haven’t changed anything. Just started it after installing the update and I’m getting this issue.

I’ve seen a number of similar reports. One user said:

“I had to install eLicenser Control Center again and the Steinberg Activation Manager and problem solved.”

My advice is:

-Update to the latest version of the eLicenser app found HERE.
-Run the maintenance inside the app
-Unplug and re-insert the USB dongle
-Restart the computer

One or more of those things could solve it. Otherwise, best to contact Steinberg support in your region.

Simply open the eLicenser Control Center and examine the licenses (on your USB key) it shows for WL 11. (If there is one). If you do not see a license listed for WL 11 - there is your issue.


Yeah same problem here and none of the tips so far have worked. Activation Manager doesn’t load for me either but eLicenser works as it should.
I shouldn’t have the state the obvious (above) that I do in fact own WL 11.

Could there no longer be support for MacOS Catalina?

Somebody else has reported that deleting the WaveLab Preferences folder (or likely a specific file in the Preferences folder) has fixed the issue for them.

I’m also seeing reports that trying another USB port (sounds dumb I know) has solved the issue.

Do you know how to transfer a elicencer wavelab PRO 11 to the steinberg new licencing? SAM

As far as I know, it’s not possible yet, but will be in a few weeks.

Luis from Steinberg made a post on this forum yesterday about it.

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Thanks Justin. Downgrading didn’t help either but I did succeed using AppDelete to complete remove the app, and then used Download Assistant, which interestingly installed a different version of eLicense than is listed on the eLicense site. One of these two things seems to have done the trick.

I am was having this problem.

What worked for me was to use the download assistant instead of a direct download from Steinberg’s site. I chose a re-install as opposed to an update. I did not need to remove the app.

None of my settings were lost and Wavelab opens now.