Wavelab upgrade on Catalina

Hi all, I have an old WaveLab LE 7 License and now I would like to install WaveLab on my Mac Catalina. I buyed the license upgrade and installed Wavelab ELements 10 on my mac, but when I try to register the activation code, elicenser fails to find the wavelab 7 one. At the same time, I can not install wavelab 7 on catalina: any suggestion on how to register the wavelab 7 license on this catalina and then the upgrade it ? Many thanks!

Have you updated your eLicenser application to the latest one?

Hi Hko, yes, I did. But as far as I can understand the issue is that the elicenser is looking for the wavelab 7 license to be updated, but since I can’t install wavelab 7 on the computer, I can not set that license. Moreover, wavelab 7 does not have an “activation code” to insert in the elicenser.


regards S-EH

The eLicenser sw does not look for license information in the application. Maybe you need to re-enter the license code of Wavelab 7 in the eLicense sw.

Edit: Just noticed that the previous version has been Wavelab LE 7 - is your upgrade valid for the LE version of the application? Somehow I would think that Wavelab 10 elements upgrade is only valid for Wavelab 7 Elements.

Wavelab 10 pro works just fine on Catalina. At least for me.

Well, when I buyed the upgrade it said to be valid for WaveLab LE 7 too (I’ll check it again, anyway).
BEside that, I do not find a way to insert the WaveLab license inside the elicenser: I have a “license number” inside “My Products” page, but elicenser ask for an “activation code”, that it is not provided for Wavelab 7 - or at least I could not find a way to retrieve it.

Hi S-EH, thanks, but I do not want to install wavelab 7 on the computer, I want to install wavelab 10 - that is supported. And since I have the wavelab 7 license and the upgrade license, I thought it was possible to install it.
But it seems to me that to have this working you need a mac os version where both (version 7 and version 10) could be installed, so that you first install the former and then upgrade to the latter, which was not very clear, at least to me.

This is what I see in My products view on the Steinberg website. Doesn’t your view include the Wavelab 7 LE license?

This is what I see in mine:

and I can’t figure out how to proceed: there is no “Activation code” that I can insert inside the elicenser, and no way to reactivate the wavelab 7

I can’t figure out how to proceed: there is no “Activation code” that I can insert inside the elicenser, and no way to reactivate the wavelab 7

Ok, hard to say why the Wavelab LE 7 activation code field is empty.

If you don’t have the Wavelab LE 7 activation code anywhere, then I guess the only way out is to contact Steinberg support directly and ask them how to get forward.

You seem to be using the soft eLicenser. I have never used this. So, maybe it works differently compared to the USB eLicenser and does in fact require the actual application to be installed on the computer. Maybe someone who is using soft eLicenser can comment on this.

Yes, I created a couple of tickets (the second one because I could not see the first one) but I’m still waiting for an answer… anyway many thanks for your suggestions!


Sorry but I misunderstood, I think Steinberg support have
to help you out and yes strange you can’t see serial number/code
for WL 7 I think!

regards S-EH

@gabrio Was your Wavelab LE installed on a different computer? Then possibly you need to follow the correct procedure to remove the license there, since you are using the Soft-eLicenser. Maybe this page helps: Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

Hi Arjan_P,
yes, Wavelab 7 was installed a long ago on another computer, but when I’ve upgraded it, I had to uninstall.
I tried the procedure you point me to, but for WaveLab 7

So, it seems I should install Wavelab 7 to reactivate it, but I can’t because it is unsupported on Catalina

Hmm, well, if you can find another computer, you could install WL E7, then upgrade to WL E10 and then follow the reactivation procedure to get a new WL E10 license…

But maybe it’s better to have Steinberg Support take care of it for you.

Yes, unfortunately Wavelab 7 can’t be installed on none of my computers :grinning: