Wavelab using NAS

Hi PG,
I hope you’re keeping well.
I’ve been creating some montages with the source files on a Synology NAS, (the montages are also being saved to the NAS)
My DAW is connected to the NAS via a Gigaswitch ( the switch being connected to an Asus Router for DHCP/DNS etc)
Wavelab works fine except if I want to remove a wave file from a montage, using the ‘Delete’ key causes a crash (100% repro)
However if I use the ‘delete’ icon (in the tool bar) to remove the wave file there’s no problem.
It’s only when I use the delete key on my qwerty keyboard (and tha’s a habit that’s hard to break)
There’s definitely no issue with file permissions o the NAS.
Is there any chance you can take a look at this and see if you can repro?
Many thanks

I tried to reproduce (I also have a Synology NAS), but no problem here.
Can you reproduce with a simple plugin-free montage?