WaveLab v11 Preset Saves failing

Wavelab Preset Problem

I seem to have hit problem with Wavelab Preset failing to save.

This may be related to the WL Global settings paths and locations.

I wanted to make sure all my WaveLab settings and preset were saved on the same drive as the projects which is a permanently attached SSD in a Sonnet Dual NVME TB4 device on my iMac.

I only recently noted this issue so not really sure what action had generated the problem and it existed before my change to Somona 14.1.1 so have ruled out been related to Somona compatibility.

The Plugin Preset save dialog pops up and shows the older location correctly as the external SSD. I did expect the location on this screen to allow me to change it by clicking on that location but it doesn’t?

I hit save and this error pops up

As can be seen the Save location folder on Image 1 is the same as the suggested location in Image 2 error dialog. I have checked the Permissions see Image 3 below. My user appears to have required permissions.

So what have I missed. Any suggestions or clues what I am looking for and how Master Global Preferences should be working would be useful as I don’t understand why I cannot now save presets. There are preset saves already in the folders to show it used to work so clearly I have corrupted something in Wavelab path/folder management.

All help appreciated.



The location of VST-3 presets needs to be relative to the VST-3 preset folder, so that all audio applications can find it. IOW, you can’t change it.

Ok understood but when I type the preset name and save why isn’t it saving to that location but giving me an error then offering that same save location as an option in the error message, is this anything to do with the global preferences location path to the WL Global Settings location? Not sure I understand the manual regards synchronisation between the master location and the paths set in the global preferences so may have caused myself this problem?

Probably your folder has not a write permission. This is something you have to check and change.


No that’s not it. See the Permissions Image on my post, the permission is OK with read/write on the folder…
I found however that whilst I cannot save directly in the MasterRig folder if I created a sub folder using finder, that folder appears in the Wavelab Save preset dialog and allows me to save there. Very odd.

So at least I have found a way to save.

I assume from what I see Wavlab11 Pro is still saving presets in fxp format and not vst3preset, which is limiting. Is this likely to change?


I don’t see what you mean. Both WaveLab and Cubase, for instance, save and load presets with the .vstpreset extension. Hence, fxp, vst3preset ?..

If I save a preset using my external plugin in Cubase I get a file with a vst3preset suffix. If I do the same in wavelab 11 I see a file created with an fxp file suffix, with the consequence that the WaveLab saved preset would not be usable in Cubase.

I attach an image of where wavelab 11 is creating the file. I clearly don’t have the knowledge of the how the WavLab program paths all work but this is a limitation in some workflows. I’d always assumed the plugin presets would be interchangeable with Cubase.


PS Just a further thought as I’m signing off, Are the fxp created because Im actually using a .vst version of the plugin instead of the intended .vst3 version?

Yes, I am speaking about VST-3 plugins.
“fxp” are VST-2 presets. These are not compatible with VST-3 plugins.
You should use VST-3 plugins, as VST-2 plugins are deprecated.

Thanks Philipe.

I thought I was using VST3 in the case of my Liquidsonics Reverb but digging further I found it was a vst version loaded which I hadn’t picked up on. Was further confused as MasterRig folder appeared in the WL Global Settings / Preset / plugins location (although empty) and I thought MasterRig was only ever a VST3 plugin so led me down the wrong path here. not linking fxp files with vst2.

Any likelihood of a preset converter for fxp to vstpreset as a tool in the next edition of Wavelab? Looks like a good selling point as many are looking for such a tool, but I’d guess if possible someone would have produced it by now.

Id also noticed during my enlightenment here that when syncing the plugins and presets held in the Global Settings location, mirroring to my master folder, that the WL process ignores empty folders. can you confirm that’s the expected behaviour?


Sorry, no.

Indeed, the sync is based on files, hence empty folders are ignored.

Thanks Philipe