Wavelab v7-2-1-600 Update - Load Errors

Ran this update but found there is a problem when trying to load Wavelab with any plugin which puts a popup window up as Wavelab initialise its data.

This simply causes Wavelab to crash and it then has to be reloaded after the offending plugin has been removed from the searched directories.

Examples are
Plugins which put up a prompt window with an error or warning message e.g such as info about their last use.
Plugins which put up an authorisation window ie Novation Bass Station v1.6
The Roland Fantom G VST Editor plugin puts up a splash screen pop up window as its initialised. Wavelab just crashes as there appears to be no error handling for such pop up windows.
The Image Line Fruity Loops Studio v10-2 VSTi plugin generates an exception error (this seems to be a compatibility error of some kind as no pop up window appears before the Wavelab crash.)

These were all OK under Wavelab 7.1

These errors occuring on my Windows 7 32bit install.

Anyone else found this or have any suggested work arounds other than simply disabling plugins?

Does Wavelab use an exception list of plugins to bypass at first load? I believe there is one which you can access after Wavelab is loaded from within the program but I do not know if its a file which can be manually edited outside of Wavelab.

Any help or advices appreciated.


There is an exception list. One is supplied with the program, but it can be edited from Options > Plugin settings.

Thanks for pointer Phillipe.

My issue however was seeing if I could prevent errors prior to the Wavelab load as each error causes the crash during the load and you only identify them as they occur. (That said Im now asking myself the question as to how would I know which plugins will cause the crash until the crash occurs apart from isolating all VSTi’s )

I noticed that the ‘try’ file is created (Win7 - appdata / roaming / steinberg / wavelab7 / cache) by listing the specific plugin initialisation failure but it doesn’t prevent the crash. It logs the file to bypass on next load but then the program crashes instead of continuing to the next error. Not aware if this is documented anywhere as the load process. Can this ‘Try’ file be edited manually to created a list or does Wavelab code only parse one file at a time in this file?

The ‘Try’ file exception process does work but it can take a long time to get a successfull wavelab load when you have a lot of plugins to be checked. Perhaps a small preload utility created from the exising Wavelab code to scan the plugins would be a more efficient way of screening for non compatible plugins avoiding uncontrolled Wavelab exits which can potentially be the cause of other file corruptions.

Giving the nature of Wavelab I should have considered that the VSTi’s should really be excluded for Wavelab loads but my plugins aren’t organised that way with effects and instruments all in the same plugin path.

Anyway with those observations made I did manage to get wavelab to load after the update after about 5 Wavelab load crashes by plugins generating popups during Wavelab initialisation. But without prior knowledge of the process and a bit of patience I can see how others can find the load errors frustrating.

Hope these observations are of assistance and thanks for a great program.