Wavelab vs RX SRC

Does anyone have an opinion on which SRC they prefer–RX or what is built into wavelab (SOX?)? Does one or the other do a better job?

I was watching some of the wavelab workflow videos and Justin was using RX instead of the wavelab batch processor which got me wondering…


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I had checked that but didn’t find anything from rx 10 or wavelab 11 or 12… and rx has a ton of settings too…

Thanks Justin! I’d also like to say that all your videos on wavelab are awesome, I really appreciate you taking the time to do them and putting them out there for free, thanks for that!

How exactly would you go about using the RX SRC in wavelab?

Also, is there any difference doing this vs using the wavelabs batch processor to resample?

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Ah, I see, so just a little safer to render with the wavelab batch processor then using the render ribbon with the SRC on in the master section. Thanks again!

I did some a/b between Wavelab and RX9 the other night and still prefer RX, fwiw, on all the material I tried it with.


While this is always going to be a subjective observation, I agree with @markfullermastering

RX edges out WL and also I think Weiss SaraCon these days.

That said, if I didn’t have these options available, I am sure I could get excellent results from the WL SRC.

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agree also about Saracon. I did a new computer build recently and didn’t bother to install Saracon having done lots of comparisons in my previous system.


Same here (second dongle) … Daniel is a lovely guy