WaveLab VST Plug Ins scale is wierd

Hi there,

is it kind of normal that scaling of VST plug ins within wavelab is odd? Slate is tiny / Fab Filter has a normal size but the surrounding Steinberg frame is huge without any rescaling options. I understand the HiDPI option in Cubase is causing the same thing at VST plug ins and thereof useless (but this is obviously a thing that depends on the plug developers. Anyway, honestly I cannot undserstand why not to decouple third party SW from the core product - @Steinberg. There is not such a setting in wavelab to switch of HiDPI and I have to deal with wierd scaled plugs from wave/slate/pa.
Thanks for your estimation if I have to arrange with this unpleasant issue. Thank you!


my Fabfilter plugins scale like they should
in Wavelab10 and Nuendo10.3 no problems so far

btw Fabfilter has it’s own scaling options

I probably have found the issue. There was indeed a High Definition switched-on. The change in “normal” display resolution could resolve the plug in scaling. Anyway I took the chance to update wavelab to the nobrainer deal which Steinberg offers at this time. There are nice features in Video for WL10. :laughing: