WaveLab Waveform-Display

Hi PG,

is it possible to integrate an option to display the Waveforms in WaveLab on Retina (Hi-Res)-Displays, like it would be on regular (Non-Hi-Res) Displays?
I like the crisp text on my 4K-Display in WaveLab, but these superfine Waveforms are exhausting for my eyes…
Have tried to use a regular Display only for WaveLab, but this messes my desk and is a little bit clumsy.
Also have tried “MacOS, open Application in Low-Resolution-Setting” – this produces an washed out display… not so nice =(

actual Hi-Res-Waveform-Display:

“classic” desired Waveform-Display by option:

Would be nice to have an option for not so fine WaveForms on Hi-res-Displays – but keep the nice sharp text :wink:


(MacOS @ Apple M1)

well, not sure if that’s possible to achieve exactly that. But some alternate “smoothing” option could be considered.

The idea with alternate “smoothing” sounds good, possibly is pixel doubling an option?
Basically the shown display on a normal screen corresponds to a pixel doubling or tripling on hi-res-screens?

Another suggestion in this context for high and very high zoom-levels:

These Displaymodes are more informative and clearer as the actual used WaveLab-variant:

Would be great to look at this also, when thinking and working on options for Waveform-displaying =)

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