WaveLab / WaveLab Elements 8.0.1 update released

Dear WaveLab 8 users,

today Steinberg is pleased to release WaveLab / WaveLab Elements 8.0.1 maintenance update for boxed version customers. All download versions from the Steinberg Online Shop already contain the 8.0.1 version and don’t need to be updated.

You can download WaveLab 8.0.1 here
You can download WaveLab Elements 8.0.1 here

What is new?*


  • • Applying Playback/Stop in the Audio Montage Workspace no longer leads to stability issues when internal submontages have not been saved.
    • Switching between several workspaces no longer leads to application instabilities.
    • Zooming is now accurate.
    • Navigation window is updated correctly.
    • Effect-bypass now behaves properly.
    • Time range within Audio Montage snapshots are now stored correctly.
    • Replacing a missing audio file with a shorter audio file no longer leads to program instability.
    • The central switch bar with the Batch Processor now works as to be expected.
    • A mono plug-in from Waves no longer leads to instability issues when being inserted within Batch Processor
    • iClip no longer causes one-second mini-clips in sub-montage.
    • Effect send level option now works correctly on clip tracks.
    • Switching the Audio Montage Workspace from stereo to mono mode no longer deactivates all track and clip effects.
    • Audio and 3D Frequency Analysis can now be applied to newly saved audio files.
    • The Marker type is now remembered when “repeat clip” command is applied in Audio Montage.
    • Split At Silence now works correctly within the Audio File workspace.


  • • Closing an iClip no longer causes instability issues.
    • Reordering of tool window tabs no longer leads to instability issues.
    • Closing WaveLab will no longer cause a config error message.
    • Master Section plug-ins remain hidden when explicitly marked.


  • • Plug-in settings within the entire applications are now saved correctly.
    • Compatibility with plug-ins from certain manufacturers have been improved.
    • Plug-ins now open in their correct size after relaunch.
    • CurveEQ no longer causes issues when closed within the Master Section/Clip effects section.
    • Renovator plug-in used as track insert no longer causes instability issues.
    • The buttons of Level Envelope are no longer disabled when the envelope curve is adjusted.


  • • (OS X): Cursor now behaves correctly.
    • The display in the Transport Panel is no longer truncated.
    • Waveforms are now displayed correctly while switching between two audio file during playback.
    • Drag-and-drop within a floating tool window now works correctly.
    • Moving transport panel/central bars to the top of WaveLab workspaces no longer causes graphical issues.
    • Reordering of Tabs now works as to be expected.


  • • RENDERING: Meta-data preset now stores CART settings correctly.
    • RENDERING: The option “Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file” now works correctly for encoded files
    • MISSING FILES: Stop command now works correctly.
    • EFFECTS: Morphing now works correctly.
    • REMOTE: Steinberg CMC-CH track level adjustment now works correctly.
    • IMPORT: AES-31 file import now works correctly.
    • KEY COMMANDS: Several broken key commands now work as to be expected.
    • DDP: Several issues related to CD and unicode file path have been resolved.
    • MARKERS: Generating markers function no longer results in unwanted spaces between markers.

_ Please note that this list applies to WaveLab 8 and not every entry may apply to WaveLab Elements 8._*

Thanks for choosing WaveLab!

Helge Vogt
Teamleader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH