WaveLab / WaveLab Elements 8.0.2 update released

Dear forum members,

Steinberg today releases WaveLab 8.0.2 and WaveLab Elements 8.0.2, an extensive maintenance update for the WaveLab product family. The new version solves more than 35 issues in areas such as Audio Montage, plug-ins and editing. The 8.0.2 update also installs the official WaveLab documentation in all supported languages, such as English, German, French, Italien, Spanish and Japanese. This maintenance update is free of Charge and can be installed on top of WaveLab 8.0.0 or WaveLab 8.0.1.

WaveLab 8.0.2 / WaveLab Elements 8.0.2 as well as the full Version History are available here

• Several optimizations under Mac OS X 64-bit have been included.
• The PDF manuals are now automatically installed into the WaveLab root directory for easy access.
• The new shortcut entry in the Help menu opens the PDF manual in the language specified (language preferences).
• The Record dialog now includes a “Stays on top” option.
• The Crystal Resampler plug-in now supports 24 kHz and 12 kHz sample rates.

Issues resolved:
• WINDOW LAYOUT: The layout for 3840x1080 pixels is now stored correctly.
• CONTROL PANEL: Control panel opens correctly,even with different sample rates of audio streaming HW/WL project
• CD: The CD tab’s option menu is now displayed correctly.
• CD: The “Import audio CD tracks” window now opens correctly when right-clicking the track list.
• AUDIO MONTAGE: Closing the Audio Montage preferences dialog no longer leads to program instability.
• AUDIO MONTAGE: Moving a clip selection from Audio Montage to Audio File worksp. no longer opens the whole file.
• AUDIO MONTAGE: When using CTRL+L for zooming, the focused track in the Audio Montage remains visible.
• TRACK: Mono tracks in WaveLab can now be named.
• HELP: The “What’s this” help function remains visible when switching between workspaces.
• FILE: Renaming of an unsaved file no longer adds the number “2” to the file name.
• PLUG-INS: The user interface of CurveEQ is now displayed properly on reopen (Mac only).
• PLUG-INS: Plug-in windows now move correctly with the Master Section window when respective option is enabled.
• PLUG-INS: The user interface of the Dither plug-in remains visible in plug-in chain mode (WaveLab Elements 8 only).
• PLUG-INS: Abbey Road plug-ins now work correctly within WaveLab 8 (exception: Brilliance Pack).
• PLUG-INS: I-clip from external montage and import to an existing Montage: I-clip name/envelope no longer ignored.
• PLUG-INS: The Renovator plug-in no longer leads to program instabilities.
• PLUG-INS: An issue with CurveEQ’s spectrum capture function has been resolved.
• ANALYSIS: The upper value for left/right channels is now displayed correctly in Spectrum display frequency ruler.
• ANALYSIS: Drawing issues in the Wavescope analysis tool have been resolved.
• NETWORK: Updating a SuperClip on a network location no longer renders WaveLab unresponsive.
• EXPORT: Render dialog (export menu) now positions correctly.
• RECORDING: Recording in WaveLab with different sample rate to the connected hardware no longer leads to issues.
• META-DATA: Rendered audio files within the batch processor now include ID3v2 information at all times.
• META-DATA: It is now possible to set the “Genre” entry to “blank/unassigned” within the ID3v1 tag.
• RENDERING: Rendering audio files when the Audio Input plug-in is applied now works as expected.
• METERING: The Loudness Metering is no longer excluded from the global “Show/Hide floating meters” option.
• GLOBAL: Closing the Pitch Shift dialog no longer renders the program unstable.
• MASTER SECTION: Moving plug-ins within the Master Section no longer leads to graphical issues.
• MASTER SECTION: Reordering slots within Master Section is now possible when Master Section is in floating mode.
• FORMATS: Creating an Ogg Vorbis file no longer leads to program instability.
• WORKSPACE: Saving a global workspace with “Save as” no longer renders the program unstable.
• WORKSPACE: In the Master Plug-in section certain plug-ins no longer produce distortion due to latency issues.
• WORKSPACE: Adding files to “Basic audio CD window” is now possible even if the window is not Workspace-docked.
• EDITING: The auto-split function “Create audio montage and add clips to it” now works correctly.
• EDITING: Changing markers is now reflected in the marker list.
• EDITING: The clip list is now updated correctly when a clip is moved/resized.
• EDITING: Resizing a range selection now works as expected.
• MIXDOWN: Markers are now considered when creating mixdowns of mono and stereo files.

Thanks for choosing WaveLab!

Awesome fix list.

Now to install it…:slight_smile:



Hi Timo,
Maybe it’s just me, but the Win installer on this seems to have something unusual going on that didn’t happen with the 8.0.1 installer. I’ve downloaded it to 3 different computers (Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP), and even without attempting to install it, the installer seems to cause strange behavior right away (icons and certificate that are there and not there, slower performance, folders hanging, on all 3 computers). I’ve virus scanned the file and found nothing, but could you check it out? btw the installer file doesn’t have the version number in the filename, right? It’s just called WaveLab_8_Installer_win.exe on my machines.

The installer is slow, or wavelab?

PG, this is an odd install. The post says the Elements program is here, too - but it is not. As I go to install it is is clearly JUST WL8, and I do not have a lisence for that.

What am I missing?

For Wavelab elements, look there:

Ah. OK, I figured this out after I posted my issue but thank you PG. :smiley:

can I,m used W8 in 32bit ?How it,s been doing?

Yes you can.