Wavelab won't open project nor settings on windows 10 (empty window)

I’ve found the solution but the solution is a little weird so I share it just in case it could be useful for someone.
I didn’t find this subject in the forum, maybe I’ve missed it, as english is not my native langage. Feel free to erase this post if it has already been treated.

Here’s the symptome, it happened on new install (OS and wavelab).
I just got an empty windows. Nothing happened when I tried to open a file or the parameters window.

I though it was a driver problem with generic asio.

Finally it got back to normal when I’ve selected :
Espace de travail → Agencement → standard.
I’m not sure in english what’s the correct terms. Probably “workspace” for the first one.

Voilà, it’s weird tho that it happens on a fresh install.