Wavelab won't start, looks like eLicenser

I recently built a new PC. All worked well for a while but now wavelab won’t start. It appears to be an elicenser issue. When I start wavelab, the splash screen displays the load sequence log messages (my own term) do not appear. That is, no mention of elicenser, my plugins, nothing at all. Then the splash screen disappears.

Oddly enough, Cubase does launch successfully. Vienna Ensamble Pro has also been having similar issues but I can usually get it to start after a few tries.

I think I have the current updates for everything I own. I have tried all my different usb ports as well. Some are USB 3.0.

I sometimes get a message that an important service has stopped, restart your computer. I think this is from elicenser because when this happens, I can’t start the elicenser control center and get a similar message except this time, it names lcc2 as the crippled service.

Does anyone know how I might fix this issue?

Tried this?

Thanks for the reply Bane.

Yes I did try that but it did not help. I then uninstalled and reinstalled Wavelab. It picked up all my plugins the first time so I don’t think this issue is plugin related. I have uninstalled and reinstalled eLicenser as well and tried different USB ports.

My system seems stable at the moment. I say “seems” because, although Wavelab now starts, I’m have also had eLicenser issues with VSL Ensemble 5 and Cubase, although not as catistrophic. (that is, I could get them to come up after a few reboots)

I need more time to see if all is well. Until then, I have joined the ranks of those who think iLok and eLinenser are more trouble than they are worth.

To exclude at least one possible cause, make sure the eLicenser is inserted in a USB2 slot.