Wavelab workflow HELP

Can someone please tell me step by step, how I do if I want to do the following:

Lets say i got ten songs, all are mixed and ready to be mastered.
I want to import them into the audio montage, each song on a different track, putting effects on each of them, so that they match in volume, eq etc. The songs must be placed UNDER each other, so I easy can compare them.

Then I want to render the songs in the audio montage to a NEW audio montage, so each song gets its effects rendered into it But I don’t want all the tracks to become mixed (or ”blended”) into one stereo track. I want them to be rendered so that each song gets an own new track, OR that each song is placed on one stereo track, but AFTER each other.

Please explain to me step by step how I can do this!

I always just line them all up on a single track. There are some key commands to quickly jump around between clips if you need to. Use “clip effects” if you only want an effect to affect that particular song/clip. You can put effects in the master section if you want some effects to affect EVERYTHING. Usually this is where you would load “dither” plugins, or possibly even a limiter, unless you prefer to put different limiters on each clip as clip effects.

If you do choose to use a limiter in the master section, you can then adjust individual volumes of clips with the clip volume, or within the plugins that you have loaded on each clip.

When I am mastering stems and alt versions for a certain client that does music library/licensing music, I have a montage for each song and I place each file below the next one so all the files start at 0:00.

I only insert plugins on the montage output effects because I want all the versions of the song to have the same plugin processing.

After I have the songs lined up on the their own track, I just render each track one at a time. I use the “Whole Montage” setting for the render source because I want all renders to start exactly at 0:00 and only render until the last audio sample of the clip that is un-muted.

Then I just go through one track at a time and un-mute that track, paste in the desired name of the rendered file and keep going through all the versions. I don’t have any markers in the montage so choosing “Whole Montage” always renders from 0:00 to the last audio sample of the given audio file/clip, so for me that is perfect.

I’m pretty fast at doing this but I’ve already requested in the paste a way for WaveLab to automate this. I think it could be useful for people that do a lot of “Stem Mastering”.

You could name the track whatever you want the rendered file to be, and then have WaveLab auto-render stems one track at a time because of course, you don’t want all the track to be mixed into one render.

That being said, with your workflow, I don’t see why you don’t stagger the clips on two tracks or even use on track. This way you can skip between songs to compare them without muting and un-muting the montage tracks.

Then you could add all your track markers, CD-Text, metadata, ISRC codes and render WAV, mp3 files or DDP of the mastered versions. No need for a 2nd montage.

In fact, you may find it “just as easy”/“easier” to have each track as its own montage in one file group.

You can use F4/F5 to tab to the next montage to compare it easily.

Render each track and then assemble the CD from those rendered tracks if that’s what’s required.

There’s often a need to deliver tracks at different specs and this makes management of that requirement a touch easier.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer. I have a lot of more questions, based up on your answers, but I don’t have the time to formulate them right at this moment. But I’ll get back to this thread! =)