Now that I’m upgrading my studio as an official business, I’d like to know if the use of Wavelab along with Cubase 7 is necessary? Does its use make a significant difference?


Thanks for the questions. They offer a more clear view of what is necessary or not for the purpose of the studio. My intent is to offer the opportunity for the many talented people up here in Northern NH in which the nearest major studio(s) is 5 hours away, down in Boston. My goal isn’t $$ but to help create a quality product and market it as well, for the exposure creating a means for a larger studio to take interest in the person or group etc.
[My personal work is more in composing etc. and not in need of mastering.}

*** So the question about Wavelab now is would the use of it make enough difference in the quality of recordings to be worth the $$ for adding it to the studio? Would its use significantly increase opportunities for my clients? My clients aren’t professionals but some have great potential for just that. They’re amazing and I want to do the best for them I can but within in reasonable budget limits. I’m not made of $$$ nor are my clients. I don’t even care about $$ except to the extent to fulfill the impositions of today’s societal requirements. I just want to live. Have fun doing so. And in the doing, make life fun for others. ~

I have both Cubase and Wavelab Elements.

What I like about Wavelab is:

-It is highly efficient at handling audio compared to a DAW. Startup is quick, presets are optimized for audio, the environment is definitely my choice if I’m working with a master audio file (as opposed to editing individual parts).

-The analyzation tools are better than Cubase. Spectrum editing, the phaseoscope, 3D frequency analysis are all nice ways of figuring out what’s going on with the audio. Checking peaks of recordings, for instance, is cake in Wavelab.

As far as budget, my unbiased advice is that in your position Cubase is perfectly fine and well suited for mastering audio. Almost anything that Wavelab can do can be done with a 3rd party plug-in.